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Swim Coach Staffing Solutions is a unique business in the swimming industry.  SCSS has a broad spectrum of knowledge and resources to help each client acquire the best talent for their staffing positions whether temporary or permanent.  


We use our vast individual experience, knowledge of the swimming industry and years of networking to find the best candidates. SCSS helps clients from all over the world find the top aquatic professionals to fit their needs for their specific clientele using our unique proprietary process.

 If we don't have a service that meets your teams' unique needs, let's discuss the situation and develop a plan tailored to those needs.

Talent Acquisition and Placement

Swim Coach Staffing Solutions spends time researching the job and questioning the hiring entity on the skills and traits they are looking for in their next hire.  We listen to understand the personality and leaderships skills needed for success at our client’s location.  SCSS strives to put quality coaches in front of your selection team to help fill full time positions.  We are solution finders, ready to handle any situation.


We follow a proprietary, uniquely developed process of vetting coaches’ backgrounds beyond the references on the resume.  We are focused on finding the top Aquatic Professional the client needs for their specific clientele.

Our goal is to offer the best swim coach or aquatic professional for the hiring entity, with the leadership skills for ultimate success of the program.  We then help make a smooth transition to the new coach and our staff goes home. 

Temporary Coaching Placement

SCSS specializes in helping swim teams that have just lost a coach and need some structure, guidance, and a positive steady hand to keep everything moving and the athletes in the water training.  Being able to respond quickly when needed, is one of our strong points.


A team my need a temporary coach for various reasons, such as: maternity leave, injury, coaching major international meets, or until a new coach is hired.  We can provide a temporary swim coach to keep everything operating with the team, and the athletes swimming.  We can quickly get a qualified, certified, experienced swim coach there to keep the swimmers practicing. 

Our coaches have at least 25 years of swim coaching experience at the highest levels. They are not coaching a team currently by choice, to be available for when a team is in need. 

Swim Coach Resume Database

SCSS has a database of coaches whose experience range from 3-5 years of experience to Olympic level coaches.  We encourage coaches to contact us and submit their information and resume to get in our database.

Teams who hire SCSS are looking to find the best fit for their organization.  We use this database as part of the process to help fill job openings.


Send resumes and any questions you may have to Patrick Henry.

Coaching Clinics

January 19-21, 2024

Southern California Swimming All-Star Festival of Coaches Clinic

Las Vegas, NV

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