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Frequently Asked Questions


Below are some common questions a client may have before entering the search for a coach or for coaches looking for placement themselves. 

 01  What does Swim Coach Staffing Solutions do?

SCSS helps teams find coaches and coaches find teams. We have proprietary processes in place to advertise, promote, screen, vet thoroughly, manage preliminary and possibly secondary interviews and turn into the hiring entity a portfolio on each finalist with all the compiled data. We aid, assist, consult, and advise throughout the hiring process. Our 45 plus years of Head Coaching at all levels gives us the contact, and background knowledge to aid in helping teams find great coaches and coaches find great team. We are available to provide Temporary Qualified, Certified, coaching when a team loses a coach at an inopportune time. All to make sure swimmers have quality swim coaching.


 02  How long does the entire process take?

Great question that we get a lot. There are multiple variables that come into play such as salary range, benefits, team set up (Board Run, Coach Owned, Institution Owned), position, opportunity for advancement, geographic location, cost of living in the area, team history, and number of recent turnovers at the club. All of these affect the number of applicants, which affects the timeline on the hire. We have had jobs with 28 qualified applicants. Great salary and benefits, great city to live in, great team set up, low turnover on the team, high cost of living, but the salary offsets that factor. Other lower paying Head or Age Group positions in remote cold areas, are tougher to get applicants. Not impossible just more time consuming. Or shortest time from signed contract to hire was a great job where everything fell into place. The perfect coach was looking to go there. It took about three weeks. The average time is closer to eight to ten weeks. We thoroughly investigate every applicant’s background in our proprietary processes.




 03    What does this service cost?

Currently we have two primary services we offer, Swim Coach Headhunting, and Temporary Coaching. The Headhunting Service is operated like most Headhunting companies in the business world. A percentage of whatever is paid to the new coach their first year. This is paid by the hiring entity. We have three levels of involvement SCSS can assist the hiring entity with called the Talent Acquisition and Placement Options (TAPO). They are based on choice and salary range. The advertising, promotion, compiling of resumes, and primary screening is the same for all levels. 

The Temporary Coaching service has a monthly amount paid as a fee, not a salaried position. This saves payroll expenses. There is a travel expense to get on site. The host team also provides an Airbnb or hotel for living space while there.




 04    Does SCSS do coaching placements all over the country?

Yes, we do. We have successfully contracted with teams all over the US to find what they were looking for and place quality, certified, experienced, super coaches who were great fits for the programs we have worked with.




 05    Does SCSS do any international coaching placements?

We have helped the Island of Cyprus advertise and promote their open position for a National Team Coach. We are looking to expand our placements world-wide to helps teams, coaches and ultimately swimmers across the globe.

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