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About Us

Swimming coaching is a very time-consuming job. Most swim coaches do not have the extra time to properly search for quality top assistant coaches. Many club teams Boards of Directors do not have the extensive swimming background to understand how to advertise for, sort through and find the best fit of a coach they need. We started Swim Coach Staffing Solutions to meet these needs strategically and effectively. With over 45 years of Head Swim Coaching experience, our staff has put proprietary processes in place to advertise, promote, sort, screen, properly and extensively vet, and manage the primary interview. After interviewing the hiring entity to determine their needs and wants, we position our questioning of candidates to find the best fit available for the position. We then deliver portfolios on each finalist containing all the information we have gathered. We are there to assist, consult, and advise the hiring entity throughout the hiring process. We offer four levels of involvement where we do some, most, or all of the things needed to get the best coaches hired. The fee structure reflects these options to allow the hiring entity to chose their best option for their team. Ultimately, the objective is to help place quality swim coaches on deck coaching swimmers.



Swim Coach Staffing Solution’s mission is to help swim teams of all types, find quality swim coaches available to hire by using our unique networking and vetting processes. We also endeavor to help swim coaches find the best swim team to coach. We focus on finding the best fit for each team and coach we work with for the ultimate winners, the swimmers.


Our vision is to be the premier organization swim teams and swim coaches seek out to match the best coaches with the teams that fit the needs for both, and ultimately for the success of the swimmers.

We focus on a "win, win, win, win"philosophy.  The team wins, the new coach wins, SCSS wins, but mainly the swimmers win.

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