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Meet The Team


Swim Coach Staffing Solutions team has over 45 years of expertise and is a unique business in the Competitive Swimming Industry.  Our knowledge base is derived from decades of commitment to the swimming industry and a broad range of experience in that industry.

We use our vast individual experience, knowledge of the swimming industry, and years of networking to find the best candidates. 

Patrick Henry

Patrick is the President and Executive Director of Swim Coach Staffing Solutions.  


Patrick has demonstrated himself to be an experienced leader of staffing and recruiting in the swimming industry. He is also skilled in coaching, fundraising, management, leadership, and marketing.


Patrick is a strong business development professional with a Certification of Negotiation Mastery focused on Contract Negotiation from Harvard Business School Online. He has a Texas Educator Certificate from the State Board of Education (SBOE) for Secondary Business Composite 6-12 and 27 years of experience in education.


Patrick has over 40 years of coaching swimming at many different levels allowing him to be successful in the business of Talent Acquisition and Placement of Swim Coaches.  He specializes in helping swim teams that have just lost a coach and is able to respond quickly when needed to help with structure, guidance, and a positive steady hand to keep everything moving and the athletes in the water training in the interim.

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